263 Hybrids Guidelines & FAQs

Please read all of the following information on the Hybrids program before compiling and submitting your application.

Visit 263 Hybrids 2015 for the prospectus and general information.

Visit 263 Hybrids Application Instructions for detailed instructions.

Submit using the 263 Hybrids Application form.


Boston-area artists are eligible for consideration.  Groups and solo artists of all media & experience levels are welcome to apply.

Hybrids may include….

performance art, film, music, vocals, theater, dance, movement, audio/media, written/spoken/performed word, collaborative artwork, community-based practice, happenings, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions (student work welcome, such as a 12th grade, BFA or MFA exhibitions)

…. but are not limited to, any combination of the above.

To Apply

One representing organizer must compile two required pdf documents following the directions under Application Instructions, and apply using our online Application Form.

Entries may be existing and/or proposed work.  Existing work must be from the last two years. Proposed work must be accompanied by a timeline leading up until the pop-up date.

Proposals should be made in consideration of Gallery 263’s space. Visiting us before applying is strongly encouraged! Please check out our floor plan (and incorporate it into your proposal), available for download at the bottom of this page.

Please review all of the information available about this program before submitting your application. If you still have questions, send an e-mail to julia@gallery263.com.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be selected considering the following general criteria:

  • interdisciplinary thinking and curatorial strength
  • feasibility in terms of space and time restrictions
  • value to the Cambridgeport community

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of 5 to 8 people, including staff and board members.


Deadline: Application and $20 fee must be received by the deadline for that forthcoming pop-up period. Should you miss the deadline, please consider applying to the next session!

Notification: Proposals will be reviewed and one will be selected for the current opportunity.  Artists will be notified approximately one month prior to their pop-up week. Organizers and artists will meet with staff at Gallery 263 shortly following acceptance to plan your pop-up.  At this time, selected artists will be presented with a contract detailing the rules and regulations of using our space, and all participating artists will be required to review and sign this contract.

Promotion: Following notification and your acceptance of the opportunity, we will immediately begin working on your press release and other promotional materials together.  The thesis of your press release can usually be drawn directly from your proposal. In addition to text, 263 will also need images to aid in promotion.  We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we will mention your pop-up in our monthly newsletter that reaches 1400+ subscribers.

Week of: Artists are responsible for installing/rehearsing for their Hybrid during the given first three days. Events may occur on Thursday, Friday and Saturday days and/or evenings.  Artists may  host up to three daytime and two evening events, and must promote and staff accordingly.  Depending your type of project, a reception may be built into one of your events, or it may be its own event. Evening events will be staffed by Gallery 263 and must wrap up by 10pm.  See next section for further guidelines. Admission may not be charged to events, however, you may ask for donations at the door.  Should you request donations, Gallery 263 will take a 30% cut of proceeds made.  This program runs intermittently between our longer exhibition programming, so Hybrids must be de-installed by noon following the last listed day of the pop-up.

Equipment & Installation

Proposed installations must be able to accommodate yoga classes on Monday & Wednesday nights. (We suggest not taking up more than 25% of the floor surface area.)

Organizers are responsible to arrange for delivery of any art/scenery/props/equipment if selected. Gallery staff will assist with layout of artwork, and can be available to help install.

A note to musical/audio proposals: we are not able to accept inherently loud projects.  Our space exists in a residential building and we must be mindful of our neighbors. We are an acoustic venue, meaning that you should not require amplification.

A/V equipment will likely need to be provided by the artist(s). We have one monitor, set of headphones, and DVD player that may be available.  Video artists: please be aware that our space receives abundant natural light during the day.

We have several small to medium sized pedestals, as well as a few wall-mounting shelves.  Any other props/equipment will need to be provided by the organizers/artists.

Artwork Installation Restrictions: Work cannot be attached to the floor or pierce the tin ceiling. Walls are able to support work weighing up to 50lbs.  Heavy work must be anchored safely and appropriately. Sculpture must be free-standing, safely supported or wall-mountable. Only acrylic based paint may be used directly on the walls.  We will not hang wet oil-based mediums.

Artwork is for sale by artist at Gallery 263. All proceeds from art sales go to the artist. We suggest a 30% donation to the gallery from sales.

Further rules and regulations regarding installation, equipment and handling of art are available in the contract.

Application FAQs

How many proposals are allowed per submitter?

Organizers are limited to one proposal per review.

My files will not upload. Why?

Most likely your files are too large, so you need to resize your files. Files must be under 3MB each to upload through the application form. Files are required to be in pdf format.

Can my application fee be waived?

No. Submission fees contribute to exhibition expenses and keep individual costs low.  We appreciate your support!  However, if you are an Artist Member of Gallery 263, all fees to our opportunities are free.  We encourage you to find out more about Membership.

Are there additional expenses beyond the submission fee if selected?

There is no additional fee if selected. Additional expenses are minimal and optional. Gallery 263 will advise on promotional materials (such as postcards or posters) and wall signage (vinyl) if the organizer/group is interested.

For other questions, please e-mail: contact@gallery263.com

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