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Check it out here: Demystifying the Art World At Gallery 263.

Best Art Gallery 2019 Winner

Press for Free Form (2018)

Emily Bass for Boston Hassle “Emily Bass’s Top 10 Exhibitions of 2018”

“This is the kind of narrative we need more of within queer representation…”

Press for Surface Consumption (2018)

Maryam Raad for Boston Hassle “Finding Equilibrium in Expression”

“With an unparalleled level of self-awareness, Lisa Kellner’s artwork explores the particular struggle between running wild and restraint.”

Press for Opus Six (2017)

Meredith Goldstein for Boston Globe “A Cambridge gallery is showing artwork by guards who work at the Museum of Fine Arts”

“The show features works by Jeff Ellse, Stephen Holness, Gary McManus, Anthony Pagliuca, John Storrow, and Matthew Zappala, all of whom have protected the art at the MFA.”

Jeannie Simms Exhibits Portraits of First Same-Sex Couples Married in Massachusetts

“Local photographer Jeannie Simms tracked down the couple and asked them to pose for a portrait, which could feature anyone and take place in a meaningful location of their choosing. ”

Press for Folk (2014)

Cate McQuaid for The Boston Globe, “The Week Ahead: Performing and visual arts: All kinds of folk”

““Kate McNamara, the savvy director and chief curator of the Boston University Art Gallery, juried this show, which celebrates folk and the word’s many interpretations: traditional, handmade, indigenous, artisanal, down home.”

Press for Meat Stacks (2015)

“Dig This: Meat Stacks, Beer and Cider Fest, and the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo” October 14, 2015

“…a series of photographs offering you a symbolic look at mass production and processed food—and how their existence allows consumers to avoid the gory reality of preparing and eating an animal. “

Press for Castle Gardenan Original Musical Production (2014)

Mary Holbrow for Cambridge Community Television, “‘Castle Garden’ performed at Gallery 263,”

“Part of the show’s charm is its immediacy […] – we all depend on luck whether we know it or not.”

Press for Life of Materials (2014)

Sarah Athanas for Mate Corazon, “Creating Meaningful Relationships with Stuff: Life of Materials”

“In Life of Materials, Dena Haden, Emily Brodrick, Emily Manning-Mingle, and Will Whelan embrace stuff, using found objects to create playful work that adds layers of meaning and brings new life to things.”

Press for Artist Opportunities (2015)

Sarah Feijo for Cambridge Wicked Local “Gallery 263 kids off new programs”

“This will be a big year for the tiny corner art gallery, one of only a handful in Cambridge.”

Press for Port Sounds Music Festival (2015)

Brian Carroll for Red Line Roots “Great Show Alert: Port Sound This Weekend At Gallery 263”

“In its name and concept, Port Sounds describes the active exchange of ideas, sounds, and art that is ever-present at the Gallery.”

Press for Foraged Banquet (2013)

Gallery 263 enlists chef to forage for its fund-raiser

“Foraging is experiencing a fashionable renaissance, so the idea of eating an entire meal found on the land and at sea isn’t as unusual as it sounds. At a small gallery in Cambridge, foraging is another excuse to bring the community together.”

Press for Wood (2013)

‘Wood’ at Gallery 263: A Must See Show

“An outstanding exhibition of wood cuts, wood art and furniture, wood as fetish object, wood as a seductive natural element of striking beauty worthy of photographing; wood as a substrate for layering other materials on top of, wood as sculpture and as wood as building material.”