Kickstarter Campaign Premiere Party

We can’t thank you enough!

On March 1st, 2016, we launched a campaign to raise $10,000 in 40 days. Together, we surpassed our goal, and raised an incredible $13,829. We have tremendous gratitude for you!

Since our campaign, your donations have allowed us to:

  • Purchase brand new chairs, for full-house seating
  • Plan a Music and Comedy Festival, hosted in July 2016
  • Support two Curatorial Proposal Series exhibitions, in August and October 2016 with funding for promotional materials. January and March 2017 CPS exhibitions will reap these same benefits.
  • Increase accessibility for our Fall Juried Exhibition, “Future Visions” (September 2016), with an online visual and audio gallery
  • Throw our first ever foraged Harvest Banquet, in October 2016
  • Continue to empower artists through our performance events and visual arts programming

We’d like to publicly acknowledge you, the 176 people who stand with the mission of Gallery 263:

Mark Gregor, Michael P. Thornton, Barbara Photopoulos, Angie Gregor, Thomas Madden, The McCabes, Alexandra Rosati, Josh Reyes, Laura Francis, Kevin Scarborough, Geoff Goodell, Jennifer Sinnott, Hannah Swartz & Eric Moskowitz, Jon LaRosa, Peter Arvidson, Matt Samolis, Gail Willett, Ken Field, Xavid, Andrew Bock, Kimberly Mancino, Catherine Zusy, Thomas Dudgeon, E, Maggie Harrison & Andy Nutter-Upham, Ellen & David Moskowitz, Emily Griffin, Susan & Alan Goodman, Anastasia’s Dad, The Finer Family, Deb Clark, Anonymous, Paul & Tamar, Mike & Noreen Francis, Josh Gondelman, Josh Gan, Susan G. Emmerson, Matt Francis, David Craft, Thomas Bortfeld, Paula Craft, Tory Davis Nosler, Sarah Lenz, Harry Photopoulos, Diana Digges, Benjamin S. Wallace, Gina Casey, Ed Brakeman, Janid Ali, Emily Manning-Mingle, Viktor Genel, Henrietta Davis, Cornelia Photopoulos, Ted Ollier – Mindhue Studio, Amy Ingrid Schlegel, Jenny O, Nicole Pearson, Theresa A. Tobin, Christina Balch Studio, Peter Photopoulos, Estelle, Vanessa Ouellette, Aaron Dell, Walter Silver, Ruth Erickson, Penny & Jim Peters, Joelle Carson, Jere Pilapil, Sasha Pedro & Mike Kolton, Patricia A. White, Lorena Gregor, Greg Aloe, Stefanie Lynch, Sarah Swartz, Timothy Wilson, Jeff Garland, Sandra Cohen Kirchmer, Rozi + Izzi + Stacie & Hal, Jule, Scott Bulger, Arianna Iappini, Build-It-Yourself, Emily Scheinberg, Michele Milton, Jeannie, Chris Post, Bettina McGimsey, Nasser K, David Lawrence, Brian DePasquale, Julie Fins, Lynda Hartigan, Emily Brodrick, Helena Lipstadt, Dainora Kupcinskas, Matt Smith, Kate Merrill, Lauren Kunz, Devon Wilson-Hill, Reid Simpson, Pace Willisson, Sarah Hulsey, Howard Swartz, Jamie Pepper, Kelly Graeber, Rick Leavitt, Dagmar von Schwerin, Simone Martell, Kaiti Jones, Judith Nathans, P. Carpenter, Sara & Matt Brookner, Kerry Schneider, Kristin, Meg Winikates, Meghan Ireland, Micah Eglinton-Woods, Catherine A., Dr. Nick, Alex Barstow, Cecilia Yudin, Sarah Ehrich, Victoria Glazomitsky, Kathy Olson, Patricia O’Leary, Lindsey Snyder, Brooke, Kristina Blanchflower, Vincent Mili, Heather Townsend, Mary Fichtner, Christopher W., Steven Wineman, Any Dancz, Alan Wirzbicki, Mark Killanski, Amy Devin, Molly O’Brien, Kristie A. Thomas, Blake Brasher, Caitlin Thornbrugh, Gal Kober, Matthew Freake, Catherine Norcott, Sharon Freed, Robin Ross, Kunle Demuren, Joseph Gels, Katherine Spencer, Jessica Gereige, Idit Klein, Anonymous, Clemens Grassberger, Katie Solomon, Eric Gold, Joe Holt, Laurie Santos, Galya Feierman, Aimee Kerr, Con Chapman, Ezra Ingerson Weller, Kate Gakenheimer, Courtney Gallagher, Shelia Smith Barsness, Charles Boyce, Urfin Jus, Jenn Martinelli, Hana Kahn, Pheobe Sinclair, Juliet Degree, Aleh Veraskou, Eck Sierra, Sarah Toffic, Hailey Magee, Julia Cuestion Mark, Dennis Shafer.

Thank you!