263 Hybrids


Gallery 263 is pleased to introduce our first short-term artist-curated interdisciplinary series, 263 Hybrids.  In an effort to better support artists and artistic collectives who are working in cross-disciplinary genres, 263 will host four, 6-day long “pop-ups” interspersed throughout the coming Spring, Summer and Fall 2015.  263 is seeking proposals that demonstrate innovative interdisciplinary thinking and curatorial strength, which are framed for the gallery’s space, given time restrictions, and local Boston/Cambridge audience.  Applicants must be interested in curating events; happenings, performances, receptions, etc., and inviting the public.  This opportunity is a hands-on DIY intensive for Boston-area creatives, and it is open to all experience levels and media. This is a pilot program, and we look forward to developing it with you.


Applicants are asked to consider the shifting roles of the artist, art; its production and documentation, and the audience in contemporary culture today.  Social, political, economical and environmental challenges worldwide, combined with the rapid development of a commodification and consumption culture, test the traditional worth of art in society and cause artists to question their roles as makers, as opposed to doers.  Artists today are thus challenged to find creative ways to contribute both locally and globally.  By utilizing community and discussion-based practice, as well as conceptual and expressive interdisciplinary methods, artists become instrumental in both highlighting problems, and suggesting solutions.

With increasingly user-friendly new media equipment (such as video/audio recording devices and editing programs), and the ability to learn independently and share freely via the internet, creatives find all the tools available at their fingertips to develop hybrid artistic languages, and to reach global audiences.  By blurring boundaries between disciplines, sharing knowledge, and collaborating, interdisciplinary artists experiment with a multi-layered practice; blending visual art, theater, performance, movement, music, installation, words, happenings, among many more.

By introducing Hybrids, Gallery 263 intends to foster the careers of emerging interdisciplinary artists, offering a space for innovative artistic practice and presentation.  263 also aims to place a stake in contemporary non-objective art culture.

Upcoming Hybrid Exhibition:

Imaging & Reimagining

Nov. 9-14, 2015

Chelsea Scudder

The 2015 Hybrid opportunities have closed. Please check back in early 2016 for next year’s Hybrid opportunities!

To Apply

One representing organizer must compile two required pdf documents following the directions under Application Instructions, and apply using our online Application Form. Please review all of the information available about this program before submitting your application.

Hybrids may include….

performance art, film, music, vocals, theater, dance, movement, audio/media, written/spoken/performed word, collaborative artwork, community-based practice, happenings, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions (student work welcome, such as a 12th grade, BFA or MFA exhibitions)

…. but are not limited to, any combination of the above.

View Previous Hybrids:

Within the Above, Andy Stuhl & Leigh Kaulbach, Gallery 263 Hybrid

“Within the Above”, Andy Stuhl & Leigh Kaulbach

Primary 263 Hybrid Exhibition, April 9 – 11, 2015

Installation & Participatory Sound Performances

'it feels like a memory i never had', elizabeth hatke + maude fujii, Gallery 263 Hybrid

‘it feels like a memory i never had’, elizabeth hatke + maude fujii

263 Hybrid Exhibition #2, May 26 – 31, 2015

Sculpture, printmaking, photography, performance, and collaboration

About Our Venue:

Gallery Interior
Gallery Interior 2
Gallery Interior 3

Is Gallery 263 the right space for my project?

Gallery 263 is a first-floor, 700-square-foot, one room gallery space in the residential district of Cambridgeport.  Our full-width bay windows look out onto Pearl and Putnam streets, and give artists full public exposure.  Our total capacity is 50 people; performers, staff and audience included.  We have approx. 25 folding chairs for seating, a back office/storage area that may be used to store music cases, props, coats, etc., and one bathroom.  We share our building with residents and must be extremely mindful of music volume. All events must wrap up by 10pm.

Gallery 263 is often described as “an intimate experience” for both the performers and the audience members. We offer a unique and valuable opportunity that differs greatly from bar, basement, concert hall or theater experiences.  Performances work equally well staged in the round, in the front of the gallery, or in one of the two back corners.

There is no mandatory cost associated with participating in this program aside from the $20 application fee.

All selected 263 Hybrid artists will be required to review and sign a contract which details the rules and regulations pertaining to space usage. 

Is the Hybrid program the right opportunity for me?

Our pop-up program is one of two self-curated opportunities that we offer.  The Curatorial Proposal Series (CPS) program is our main exhibition program, and invites self-curated proposals for month-long exhibitions.  Though the application process for the Hybrid program is similar to the CPS, their terms and goals differ significantly.  Please review the prospectuses for both programs to select the curatorial opportunity that is best for you.

Gallery 263 also hosts music shows, performances, workshops, and we have a rental program.  If you are looking for a one-afternoon or one-evening event, please refer to these offerings for more information, in order to select the one that is best suited for you.

The Hybrid program is a unique, well, hybrid of our programming, in that it is a several-day, self-curated interdisciplinary event series.