About Our Exhibition Proposal Series

Through our Exhibition Proposal Series (EPS) (formally Curatorial Proposal Series) artists and curators of all experience levels have the opportunity to collaborate with Gallery 263 staff to organize and present polished, self-curated exhibitions in our 700 sq/ft storefront gallery. This series is Gallery 263’s main exhibition program, amounting to three shows annually, and is the only way to be considered for a proposed group or solo exhibition.

Gallery 263 staff and board collectively review all submissions in a democratic process involving hours of thorough reviewing of each submission. Each review results in one exhibition selection.

*New to EPS for 2021*: In 2022, the Gallery 263 team will curate a group exhibition exclusively featuring a select group of artists who submitted proposals to calls with deadlines in 2021 but were ultimately not chosen for an exhibition. Please note that submitting a proposal does not guarantee inclusion in this exhibition. Artists may opt-out of this consideration process.

Header imagery from The Carpet Grew Like a Garden by Shabnam Jannesari.

Call for Fall 2021 Exhibition Proposals

Submission deadline: August 1, 2021
Exhibition Dates: September 30–October 30, 2021

Qualifications, Restrictions & Suggestions

  • Only New England artists are eligible for consideration for solo proposals. For group proposals, at least 50% of participating artists must be from within New England.
  • At least 50% of work submitted for review must be from the last two years.
  • Group and solo exhibitions of all media are welcome to apply. Group proposals (of two artists or more) are encouraged.
  • Proposals must be submitted by a representative artist/curator. This can be the artist proposing a solo exhibition for him/her/their self, a representative proposing an exhibition as part of a group OR an independent curator(s) proposing an exhibition on behalf of an artist or group. The representative must be a New England resident.
  • Entries may either be existing or proposed work. All proposed installations must require less than 25% of floor surface area. Any A/V equipment required for the exhibit will need to be provided by the artist(s). Exhibitions must be installed in under 3 days.
  • Proposals should be made in consideration of Gallery 263’s space. Visiting us before applying is strongly encouraged.
  • Sculpture and video-based installations must be considerate of the different programming (yoga, life drawing nights, music nights, etc) at Gallery 263. Ideal locations for 3D work include the windows, wall mounted sculpture, and pedestals. Ideal presentation of video work is on monitors, provided by the artist. Please contact Doug at doug@gallery263.com for any questions about installation work.

For questions about submitting an exhibition proposal, please contact Douglas Breault at doug@gallery263.com.

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Many factors may influence the panel’s decisions for selecting Exhibition Proposal Series exhibitions. The EPS program intends to provide career development and experience for visual artists, and to share high quality and thought-provoking exhibitions with our local community. A successful proposal considers our unique, multi-functional space and engages our audience visually and conceptually. Read more about our mission here.