Exhibition Proposal Series


How many proposals are allowed per submitter?

Artists & curators are limited to one proposal per review.

Can my application fee be waived?

No. Submission fees contribute to exhibition expenses and keep individual costs low.  We appreciate your support!  However, if you are an Artist Member of Gallery 263, all fees to our opportunities come free.  We encourage you to find out more about Membership.

Are there additional expenses beyond the submission fee if selected?

There is no additional fee to exhibit if selected. However, there are a few minimal suggested expenses. Gallery 263 will advise on inexpensive wall vinyl signage and postcard options. Organizers are responsible for light reception fare, and Gallery 263 contributes $30 towards cups and beverages.

How are the exhibitions selected?

Gallery 263 staff and board collectively review all submissions in a democratic process. Each review results in one exhibition selection.

What happens if I am selected?

We will arrange a meeting with you/your group at the gallery at least one month prior to your exhibition installation period. We will go over every aspect of your exhibition.

If I am selected, what will I be asked to compile/design/plan in preparation for my exhibition?

We will work together on writing a press release, which we will send out to our press contacts. You will provide us with images to announce your show on our website. We will use social media to promote your exhibition. Your exhibition will be featured in our newsletter that reaches 2000+ subscribers. Creating a postcard and wall vinyl is optional but suggested. Additionally, we encourage you to plan an optional additional event, such as an artists’ talk, workshop or critique.

Will there be a reception?

Yes, there will be a reception. The date is to be decided in coordination with the curator/group.

Who is responsible for delivery, handling and installation of work if selected?

The artists and organizers are responsible to arrange for delivery if selected. Gallery staff will assist with layout of artwork, and can be available to help install.

What am I responsible for during my exhibition?

We ask that each artist and organizer gallery sits at least once each during their exhibition.

Can my artwork be for sale?

Artwork is for sale by artist at Gallery 263. All proceeds from art sales go to the artist. We suggest a 30% donation to the gallery from sales.

What are the restrictions for A/V equipment?

For video or audio work, the artist is expected to supply equipment.  We have one monitor, a set of headphones, and a DVD player that may be available.  Because of the abundance of natural light in the gallery, we suggest monitors rather than projectors for video art. Artists may suggest space alterations such as installing a curtain or painting a corner for video projection, however the entire gallery may not be blacked out.

What are the restrictions for sculpture and installation work?

The gallery has several small to medium sized pedestals. We also have a few shelves.  If our selection of props is not sufficient, artists will need to supply their own. Work cannot be attached to the floor or pierce the tin ceiling. Only acrylic based paint may be used on the walls.

For other questions, please e-mail: contact@gallery263.com