Views of Gallery 263

Thinking about applying for one of our Artist Opportunities?

We ask that all applicants have an understanding of the size and nature of our space. Gallery 263 is 700-square feet of hardwood floors, with large gallery-wide windows and ample white wall space.

General artwork installation restrictions: Work cannot be attached to the floor or pierce the tin ceiling. Walls are able to support work weighing up to 50lbs.  Heavy work must be anchored safely and appropriately. Only acrylic based paint may be used directly on the walls. Appropriate ventilation must be practiced when using oils. Our space does not have appropriate ventilation for using aerosols. No toxic chemicals. Artists take responsibility for their own safety and that of Gallery 263.

For artist residencies, artists share our one-room gallery space as their studio, as well as a small back storage/kitchenette area, and one bathroom including a toilet and sink.

We share our building with neighbors, and we rent our space.  Therefore, there are certain restrictions on mediums/tools and installation possibilities.