The Allegory of Breaking Light
Curatorial Proposal Series solo exhibition by Piper Ainsley

On View: March 22nd to April 21st

Reception: March 24th, 7-9PM

Artist Talk & Music Performance: April 14th, 7-9PM

Gallery 263 is excited to present a new Curatorial Proposal Series solo exhibition by Piper Ainsley. The Allegory of Breaking Light navigates a complex story of social and structural rift using the medium of light. Based on the artist’s experiences in Sudan during the referendum which divided it, the installation is at once personal narrative, rarely engaged by the art of light and space, and the positioning of light as architectural insert. These conceptual evolutions occur as viewers become immersed in light and apparent form, experiencing a place where deep fissures formed as sunlight stole the damp stability of earth.

Piper Ainsley creates architectural, architectonic, and art-based interventions in the medium of light, and holds a Masters of Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She is the author of Light is Certainly Worth Chasing (2016). Understanding that light defies disciplinary classification and speaks across sociocontextual boundary, she composes material relationships which allow light to transport beyond location. She writes, teaches, works in installation and architecture, and runs a creative collaborative

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