By Nick Ingrisani of In This River

The last time In This River performed at Gallery 263’s intimate Cambridge music venue was in 2015, early in the life of the band. Right from the start of that set, we felt the space represented what we set out to achieve with our music. The expressions of other artists coloring the walls, the small, intimate space itself, the stripped-down, acoustic, raw nature of the performance — it was the feeling that we had made it home.

The intimacy of a space like Gallery 263 welcomes and nurtures a profound harmony between the performers and the people who come to listen. We had never played a show quite like this before. There is no clanging of glasses, no humming chatter in the crowd, no bartenders taking orders. The space guides the attention of the performers and the audience together and binds everyone there in a unique experience of art, sound, and energy.

When you start a band, it’s like planting a seed. The band is the seed and the members are the nutrients it needs to grow. One of us is the water, the other is the sunlight. Then there’s the earth where that seed is planted – that’s the supportive network of friends and family integral to its growth, the people that the music reaches, and the spaces that come to shape the songs and the message.

There is a language beyond the spoken word that exists in harmony—a language that must be felt to be understood.

Watching that seed grow and being a part of its development, symbiosis, and abundance has taught me much about the nature of relationships. As with everything in life, this has been a journey; every step along the journey influencing the character and growth of the whole. It’s difficult to describe the evolution of our music over the period that we lived together in Boston, but through our time together and the constant playing, we could feel our separate identities and experiences unifying into one harmonious sound. When vocal harmonies fall perfectly into place you can feel the emergence of something much greater than the notes themselves. There is a language beyond the spoken word that exists in harmony—a language that must be felt to be understood.

Two years ago, Zach and I left our lives in Boston to embark on our own individual journeys across the world. In these intervening years, we have continued to cross paths, share, and collaborate within the heart of that seed that started it all in the first place. In This River dug its roots into the fertile ground of Boston and has continued to grow in its own way ever since. The band, its collective song, and our friendship remains alive and vibrant in our hearts.

To be able to return to Gallery 263 now for such a special show is a righteous opportunity. We’re grateful that our lives can sync up for the moment and for anyone who wishes to share it with us.

All together, in harmony.

In This River return to Gallery 263 for a special performance on Friday, September 28. Part storytelling and part musical journey. Zach and Nick will each share songs and stories of their individual journeys over the past two years, followed by a performance together, revisiting old and new songs alike. Doors at 7:30pm, music at 8:00pm.


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