Press for Listening Works (2022)

Maya Rubio for Boston Art Review, “Mark Your Calendars: Eight Shows to Check Out in Greater Boston This Spring”

“Currently on view, “Listening Works,” is the Everett-based artist Martha Chason-Sokol’s first-ever solo exhibition in Massachusetts.”

Aidan McGovern for Change Magazine, “Life Lost, Art Found. How a small Cambridgeport art gallery endured the pandemic.”

“As the gallery pushes forward with new exhibitions, receptions, and pop-up events every week 18 months into the pandemic, there is much to celebrate.”

Press for objectivity (2021)

Jess Costello for Boston Hassle “Finding (and Questioning) Objectivity””

“The latest Gallery 263 exhibit, Objectivity, juried by artist Josephine Halvorson, imbues the still-life genre with endless varieties of lived experience.”

Press for Cookout (2021)

Cate McQuaid for Boston Globe “‘Cookout’ offers food for thought at Gallery 263 in Cambridge”

“That’s what “Cookout” is about, in the end: sheer pleasure.”

Press for Cookout (2021)

Jason Pramas for DigBoston “INTERVIEW: ZACH HORN”

“The artist’s new show, ‘Cookout,’ looks at life (and heaven) through the lens of shared meals.”

Press for To Wade in Troubled Waters (2021)

Jess Costello for Boston Hassle “To Wade in Troubled Waters with Mosheh Tucker”

“For his first solo exhibition, artist Mosheh Tucker goes deep.”

Press for LUCID (2021)

Elin Spring and Suzanne Révy “Best Photo Picks May 2021”

“Shaina Gates’ solo show LUCID features her ethereal Lumen prints (also known as sun prints).”

Press for The Playground Project (2021)

Pamela Reynolds for The ARTery “Escape The House With These 15 Spring Art Exhibitions”

As a child on the playground, Tedesco could not hopscotch without falling, or swing fast and high, but as an artist, the limitations fall away.”

Press for The Playground Project (2021)

Jess Costello for Boston Hassle “Christina Tedesco Reminisces on her Childhood with Cerebral Palsy via “The Playground Project”

“Recently, I asked Tedesco about the significance of the solitary figure seen throughout her works and the freedom she’s found in her own art.”

Press for The Art of Record Sleeves (2021)

Meaghan Agnew for Thrillist “Actually Fun Things To Do in Boston This Weekend

“This two-day pop-up exhibit celebrates these wondrous times of yore thanks to DJ Rob Singh…”

Magdiela Matta for The ARTery “5 Things To Do This Weekend, Including A Writer’s Workshop And A Show Of Luminous Paintings”

Jannesari’s works of art are executed in ink or oil paint, and her very vibrant, saturated and warm hues will capture your attention.”

Marc Levy for Cambridge Day “Shabnam’s vibrant ‘Carpet Grew Like a Garden’ looks inside Iranian life; Coming to Gallery 263

“For even more reason to look forward to 2021, the exhibit “The Carpet Grew Like a Garden” begins Jan. 14 at Gallery 263 in Cambridgeport, showing works by Iranian-born Shabnam Jannesari.”

Press for Fact vs. Fiction (2020)

Jess Costello for Boston Hassle “Blurring Fact and Fiction at Gallery 263

“We turn to art for a reflection of the truth, and there’s no better place to start than Gallery 263’s Fact vs. Fiction, a national juried exhibition currently on view through January 9th.”

Press for The Eye’s Mind (2020)

Jess Costello for Boston Hassle “Looking Through “The Eye’s Mind”

“I [Jess Costello] asked Drew about his process and how his finished product may interplay with other media as well as the eyes of the viewers.”

Jess Costello for Boston Hassle “CELEBRATING THE REOPENING OF GALLERY 263: Interviews with gallery staff and artists

“On September 17th, Cambridgeport’s Gallery 263 reopened for the first time, in order to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Artist Membership Program.”

Marc Levy for Cambridge Day “Storefront art project places stunning McLeods at Gallery 263, an appropriate window for a visit”

“In the window of Gallery 263 in Cambridgeport (which aims for a Sept. 17 reopening) are two works by Marla McLeod – stunning portraits of black women done in oil on canvas that must be seen in person to be appreciated.”

Celina Colby for Bay State Banner “Marla McLeod greets the quarantined art world with optimism”

“A few pieces from McLeod’s thesis project are displayed in storefronts on Washington Street in Downtown Crossing and in the windows of Gallery 263 in Cambridge.”

Press for WILD (2020)

J.M. Belmont for Artscope “WILD at Gallery 263”

“The strength of “Wild” lies in the detailed and multivariate perspectives each artist brings, showing us a different, on-the-ground perspective that cannot be ignored.”

Press for Spaces Within Space (2020)

Pamela Reynolds for The ARTery “At Gallery 263, Hana Yilma Godine’s ‘Spaces Within Space’ Creates Room for Interpretation”

In Hana Yilma Godine’s solo show “Spaces Within Space” at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, the significance of Godine’s figures is left completely (and refreshingly) to the interpretation of the viewer.”

Press for All Work and No Play (2019)

Cate McQuaid for Boston Globe “At Gallery 263, colorful art made from Post-Its, pens, and paper clips”

“In “All Work and No Play,” Hernandez plants a liberating flag of individuality in dry bureaucratic ground.”

Scout Cambridge Best Art Gallery 2019

Emmett Nahil for Boston Hassle “Nature’s nation: Trump, the government shutdown, and what makes ‘American’ art American”

” …the reconstructed images he presents of iconic American spaces illuminate the precarious position of our wildlife in the age of the Trump shutdown.”

Morgan Richards for Boston University’s Clarion Magazine “Reconstructing Images of the West”

“This small, strategic collection of photographs seeks to stimulate a larger reflection about the contemporary use of images and our shifting relationship with the natural world.”

Press for Free Form (2018)

Emily Bass for Boston Hassle “Emily Bass’s Top 10 Exhibitions of 2018”

“This is the kind of narrative we need more of within queer representation…”

Press for Surface Consumption (2018)

Maryam Raad for Boston Hassle “Finding Equilibrium in Expression”

“With an unparalleled level of self-awareness, Lisa Kellner’s artwork explores the particular struggle between running wild and restraint.”

Press for Opus Six (2017)

Meredith Goldstein for Boston Globe “A Cambridge gallery is showing artwork by guards who work at the Museum of Fine Arts”

“The show features works by Jeff Ellse, Stephen Holness, Gary McManus, Anthony Pagliuca, John Storrow, and Matthew Zappala, all of whom have protected the art at the MFA.”