Do You Remember?

Annual National Exhibition Juried by Cobi Moules

Memory is a fickle thing, acting like a tape recorder that wears down and degrades with each playback. Entire decades can be painted with broad strokes, or a single moment captured with seemingly perfect detail in the mind’s eye. A photograph, painting, or even an object can take us back to places we forgot. Without this material culture, entire histories, and the people’s lives within them can disappear. How do we as artists interact with memory in our work?

Gallery 263’s annual national juried show Do You Remember? showcases each featured artist’s relationship with memory in their art making process.

Featured artists

Juan Castano-Marquez, Cameron Barker, Dave J Bermingham, Jordan Davis Robles, Dance Doyle, Andy Duncan, Susan Emmerson, Rene Galvan, Joanna Garmon, Leah Hamilton French, Teddy Benfield, tK, Meagan Marsh, Sheila Novak, Katherine Patterson, Melissa Rivard, Claudia Ruiz Gustafson, Rebecca Skinner, Diana Walsh, Jeremiah David, Abba Cudney, Nichole Speciale, Caron Tabb, Procheta Olson

Banner image: Jeremiah Davis

Juror’s Note

“The large number of high quality submissions and the variety of approaches to meaning and material made the selection process difficult to narrow down but also very exciting in the ability to show a wide range of artists exploring memory though different lenses. While one artist works with the repetitive mundane acts of daily life another taps into the expansive cultural moment of space travel.  Each artist in the exhibition looks at memory in a different way, from the more personal and intimate to broader cultural, political and historical perspectives.  It is this vastness of scope that is what has interested me throughout the jurying process and what I think makes for a compelling show that focuses into attention on the past.” – Cobi Moules