A regional online exhibition juried by Leah Triplett Harrington

On view until August 14, 2021

Gallery 263 is pleased to announce Chasing Light, a regional online exhibition. Chasing Light features the work of 31 artists from across New England who utilize light as material or subject matter. This show is juried by Leah Triplett Harrington, curator for Now + There and editor-at-large of Boston Art Review.

Featured Artists

Aaron Brodeur, Allison Tanenhaus, Anna Fubini, Anna Gregor, Anne Harris, Britt Fabello, Brittany Gilbert, Caleb Cole, Claire Lima, Coco Valencia, Frantz Lexy, He Yang, Hilary Irons, Jacqueline Qiu, Jaina Cipriano, Jesse Kaminsky, Kristin Malin, Leah Craig, Leah Piepgras, Linda Sok, Martha Chason-Sokol, Mary Bucci McCoy, Merli V. Guerra, Michelle McElroy, Paul Stremple, Ponnapa Prakkamakul, Priya Green, Rebecca Roberts, Sarah Jenkins, Silvia Dowdell, William Ho

Sale of Work

If you are interested in supporting these artists please inquire with the artists directly through the contact information associated with each piece.

Gallery 263 does not require a percentage of the sale, but a small donation from the artist is encouraged. As a small nonprofit art space, we depend on our communities’ support to keep our programs running, our staff supported, and our mission-driven impact flourishing.

Merli V. Guerra, “Like mercury in the palm of my hand”, Dance, 2019,

Leah Craig, “Untitled (window barriers), Video, ripstop fabric, 2021,

Jesse Kaminsky, “Broken Beach”, Video + sound, 2021,

Anne Harris, “Canvas Camouflage on Mount Greylock”, Single channel HD Video; 18:27 loop, 2019 – 2021, $1,000,

Coco Valencia, “LO ONÍRICO DEL CAÑO”, Video installation, projection max. 8 x 15 feet, 2020, $10,000,

He Yang, “Prologue”, Time-based media, 2021,

Caleb Cole, “Eternal Light”, Altered appropriated video, 1080p, 2020,

Allison Tanenhaus, “Glitchfield”, Digital glitch art music video + installation documentation, 2020,

Allison Tanenhaus, “Breathing”, Digital glitch art music video, 2021,

William Ho, “Vanishing Cliffs 4, 5, 6”, Acrylic on canvas with video projection, 48 x 72 inches, 2021, $3,500,

Sarah Jenkins, “Slate Lines”, Stop motion animation & sound, HD video, 2018,

Paul Stremple, “Anthropocene Child”, Dispersed sunlight, 9 x 16 feet, 2020,

Gallery 263 advances the artistic endeavors of makers and performers, while fostering public engagement, enrichment, and exchange. Functioning as a creative nexus, Gallery 263 provides a contemporary voice for the arts in Cambridge and our regional communities.

Gallery 263 exhibits are free and open to the public.