human nature

On View: January 6–February 5, 2022
Gallery Hours: Wednesday–Friday, 4–7 PM; Saturday, 1–4 PM
Reception: Friday, January 14, 6–8 PM

Gallery 263 is pleased to announce human nature, a group exhibition. All of the thirteen artists with work on view previously submitted to Gallery 263’s Exhibition Proposal Series program and were curated into this special exhibition by Gallery 263 staff. In human nature, the selected artists reflect upon individualized perspectives of the human experience.

Toni Pepe’s Mothercraft, an ongoing body of work by the artist—some of which is on display in this show, uses press photographs culled from flea markets and eBay. These images illustrate movement—socially and politically as records of the shifting identity of motherhood and women’s liberation—and durationally as physical images that were held, touched, and eventually abandoned. Caleb Cole’s work, In Lieu of Flowers, is a series of memorial portraits featuring trans people murdered due to state violence, transphobia, and neglect. Cole uses roses from their garden and portraits primarily made by the subjects to create a series of anthotypes—images created with photosensitive materials and the sun that cannot be fixed. In Right Angles and Modernist Tropes, Josh Rondeau paints a nondescript domestic architectural space and calls attention to the impact these seemingly neutral spaces have on our bodies.

In human nature, objects and images—both collected and constructed—are used to convey notions of home and lineage. Enlisting painting, photography, and sculpture, the artists express sentiments of love, loss, and how to fit into the world through metaphors and indications of time.

Featured Artists

Amanda Case Millis, Caleb Cole, Danielle Fretwell, Nathan Heilman, Angie Lin Boyer, Taylor Maroney, Bradley Milligan, Mursal Nazary, Toni Pepe, Josh Rondeau, Tori Weston, Tristan Alexander, Will Weygint

Header image: Golden Rings (2017), Angie Lin Boyer

Press Release

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