Artist Residency 2014

June 1-July 13, 2014

Three Visual Reveries Exhibition Reception: July 11, 5-8pm

Gallery 263 is pleased to welcome our Summer 2014 residents; Ross Gronvold, Solei, and Heather Macali. This group of artists comprises our seventh residency since the program was launched in 2010. Over the next six weeks these artists will be incubating fresh ideas, engaging in discussion, and collaborating within the walls of Gallery 263. We encourage you to stop by and watch their work evolve!

About the Residents:

Ross Gronvold is a fine-art fashion photographer with roots in the worlds of graffiti and street art. He uses experience with a variety of mediums to create dynamic images that achieve self-expression and convey a sense of rebellion.

Gronvold wants to incorporate a spectrum of artistic media and influence into his images, blending the experimental with high fashion and urban art. Currently based in Boston, he is working to expand his portfolio and build his network of collaborators. Throughout the residency, Gronvold will be sketching and executing photo shoots, editing work, and producing new images.

Solei is an artist and musician from a quiet, forgotten corner in the state of Maine. Using a variety of mixed media, she creates large-scale figurative paintings that interact with reality but do not necessarily subscribe to the real world.

Over the course of the residency, Solei will be creating an acrylic mural on one of the walls in the gallery, as well as creating pieces using oils, ink and mixed media that explore the human face and figure. Using friends, strangers, and photographs as inspiration she attempts to capture an individual’s energy with kinesthetic scribbling motions, and refines the image through additional layers. In distorting what we think of as realistic representation, she hopes to work towards an understanding of how we regard each other as strangers and as familiars.

As a contemporary fiber artist, Heather Macali focuses primarily on color, pattern, texture, distortion and memory. Her use of color and pattern arose out of childhood experiences steeped in the popular material culture of the Midwest in the 1980s and early 1990s. Macali’s work has recently been published in the books Digital Jacquard Design by Julie Holyoke and Textiles: The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser.

Macali comes to us from Detroit, MI where she is working as an artist and professor at Wayne State University. During the residency, Macali will be working on the first stages of her next woven installation, Jaquard Geometry. Her creative process works in two stages, first designing a geometric layout and weaving structures digitally, and second, producing these same designs through the traditional techniques of weaving. Macali will be designing the structures for Jacquard Geometry and projecting the designs throughout the gallery to create a visually stimulating, larger-than-life pattern environment.