National Juried Exhibition

Selected by: Lynda Schlosberg (artist; Kingston Gallery, Boston)

January 15, 2014 – February 14, 2015

Reception: Friday, January 23, 7-9pm

Color is the incredible visual phenomenon of light reflected off of the physical world. Chroma, as well as hue and saturation, help our eyes to determine the essence of reflected light as color. Chroma not only informs our vision, but is also a powerful tool that drives our purchasing decisions, and protects us through universal signifiers. When discerned by the individual, however, there are innumerable interpretations of specific chroma, and boundless ways that color may affect us personally. It elicits feelings, and is strongly associated with memory. Do you see hue in the same way that I do? Does it affect our tastes in the same way? Our unique interpretations are part of what makes color so interesting. Not only does color give life to an otherwise white and gray world, but it is also a human experience that helps us to express ourselves and to exercise our identity.

In Chroma, 31 talented artists wield color to its full intensity in varying medium, scales, and shapes, ranging from subdued tones to riotous vibrancy. Gallery 263 invites you into this luscious world during Winter 2015 to discuss, wonder, and soak up the saturation we’ve gathered for you.

Gallery 263 is grateful for Lynda Schlosberg’s guidance and support in the selection of Chroma. Schlosberg is a Boston-based abstract artist, whose painting practice is complimented by her background as a graphic designer and photographer. She has lectured on Color in Digital Technology, and her work has been published in Boston Home, Studio Visit and ArtBeat magazines. In 2013, she received the Frances N. Roddy Award from the Concord Art Association. Lynda’s paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout New England, including her recent solo exhibition: “Zero Point Field” at the Kingston Gallery in Boston.

Chroma includes work by the following artists: Renée Brown / Kim Carlino / Sandra Cohen / Adam Daily / Ruth Daniels / Corey Drieth / Denise Driscoll / Jamie Earnest / Anthony Falcetta / Nate Forman / Lisa Fulton / Andrea Greitzer / Elizabeth Hatke / Ken Hill / Robert Howsare / Barbara Ishikura / Elaine Kinnaird / Kerry Kolenut / Vincent Leandro / Keith MacLelland / Petrea Noyes / Kathryn Osgood / Cary Reeder / Michael Roche / Elaine Sapochetti / Vincent Serbin / Rhonda Smith / Gerri Spilka / Timothy Wilson / Will Wolf / Carleen Zimbalatti