Imaging & Reimagining

Chelsea Scudder

263 Hybrid Exhibition

Gallery Hours: Thursday November 12 & Friday November 13, 1-6pm

Artist Talk & Reception: Friday, November 13, 6-8pm  

Performance Event: Saturday, November 14, 7:30-10pm

Gallery 263 is excited to present Imaging & Reimagining, a 263 Hybrids exhibition that features the photographs of Chelsea Scudder and calls for public engagement. Through social media and two community events, Chelsea invites visitors to connect over the same questions considered by her photographs: how — in this age of a quickly changing climate — must individuals and communities creatively reimagine relationship to place — both rural & urban, both local & global?

This exhibition comes on the heels of Chelsea’s six-week cross-country bicycle ride, during which she considered the individual’s relationship to place by collecting interviews and photographs. Portraits of bare feet standing on a beloved piece of ground convey literal connections to the earth, while candid interview documentation brings each individual’s story into conversation with one another.

Curbing environmental degradation requires efforts beyond political activism and conservation. There must be a transformation in our understanding of our relationship to the earth, one that stems from our personal experiences of the places we know best. Imaging & Reimagining seeks to explore the artist’s role in documenting — and enabling others to document — one’s experience of place. Through photographic contributions or participation in story sharing, the local community is challenged with the following questions: How does place exist in memory and imagination? What is the role of storytelling and narrative in how we imagine place?

Leading up to the exhibit, Boston-area residents are invited to submit photos of their own feet upon a beloved place in and around the city. As a means to connect with and expand on Chelsea’s cross-country documentary project, these photographs will be incorporated into the exhibit and projected in an Instagram feed. Please connect using the hashtag: #1000places1earth, turn on the geo-tag map, and write a little bit about the place in which you’re standing. View foot photographs and interviews from Chelsea’s bicycle ride at

Reception: Join us for an artist’s talk with Chelsea Scudder. Chelsea will discuss the cross-country bicycle ride that produced the photographs and video footage on display. Visitors can contribute their stories in our recording booth, and enjoy refreshments.

Performance Event: Join us for a multi-disciplinary performance of classical and folk music blended with conversation, including a poetry reading, artist talk and open-mic storytelling. The event showcases artists whose work is inspired by connection to place and environment. Listen to sets by Floyds Row, Adrian Zemor, & The Omaha Folk, enjoy poetry by Kathleen Aguero, and engage in discussion with artist Leslie Bartlett. Share your own connection to place in an open-mic storytelling session.

Artist Bio:

Chelsea Scudder received a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. She has exhibited her work at STASH in Norman, Oklahoma, Blue Wave Fine Art Gallery in Amesbury, MA, and currently designs for Happy Challadays, an interfaith holiday card business in Boston. Photography is one of her favorite ways of exploring the intersections between issues of faith and environment.