‘it feels like a memory i never had’

elizabeth hatke + collaboration with maude fujii

263 Hybrid Exhibition

opening reception & collaborative performance: tuesday, may 26th 2015, 5-8pm

artists’ talk: thursday, may 28th 2015, 6pm

viewing hours: tuesday, may 26th – sunday, may 31st 2015, 12-7pm

‘it feels like a memory i never had’ explores cross-genre and how art can have multiple lives through sculpture, printmaking, photography, performance, and collaboration.

experience: ‘it feels like a memory i never had’ is driven by a belief that art can exist simultaneously in more than one time and genre. through a time-based event; past, present, and future will be reflected in this Gallery 263 hybrid.

past is represented by pre-existing sculpture, installations, and prints. the shift to present will be orchestrated during the opening reception via a collaborative performance between maude fujii and elizabeth hatke. fujii will photographe hatke as she moves among her sculptures, creating and capturing new relationships between hatke’s body and her work, both bringing the viewer into real time and demystifying the artistic process. finally, the photographes taken of this interaction will be displayed two days after the opening and coalescing with an artists’ talk given by hatke and fujii; a future image or one evoking déjà vu.

this layered show will not only bring up relationships between cross-media and time based events, but also hopes to envelop the community in the process, breaking down the barrier between gallery-finished work and its making (a witness to the practice).

collaborative performance: visitors are invited to enjoy the opening reception while standing witness to the performance between hatke and fujii. fujii will be capturing raw images of hatke as she interacts with her sculptures.

artists’ talk: hatke and fujii will discuss their work as individual artists as well as the physical and visceral results of their collaboration, before taking questions from the audience.