Life of Materials

Emily Brodrick, Dena Haden, Emily Manning-Mingle, and Will Whelan

A Curatorial Proposal Series Exhibition

January 9 – February 1, 2014

Reception: Saturday January 18, 6-8pm

Workshop: Sunday January 26, 2-5pm

Materials constantly flow through our lives. Why do we keep certain materials and discard others? What do everyday materials tell us about their origins, how they have been used and by whom? How do artists interpret and rework the material within their lives to make meaning?

Surrounded by waste and excess, this group of artists embraces the value of things that already exist and the legitimacy of humble materials. Brodrick, Haden, Manning-Mingle and Whelan’s habitual investigation of personal materials produces psychological associations and emotional responses. Together, these artists’ physical processes of reconfiguring, assembling, distilling and weaving both personal and found objects constitute an effort to order randomness and reassert meaning into familiar and discarded material. As the health of our natural environment becomes an increasingly prominent concern, these artists hope to raise awareness of the actions we can take as creators to alter our own footprints.

Upcycled Collages is a hands-on family-friendly workshop with the artists from Life of Materials offering guided instruction on creating sustainable art. Participants will learn about dynamic composition making through the development of original two and three-dimensional collages, using the artists’ own working materials including old t-shirts, twine, wood, and more. Workshop is drop-in, free and open to the public, supplies will be provided.

Emily Brodrick will be receiving her BA from Hampshire College in the Spring of 2014. Her senior thesis is an exploration of textile arts. She has been a Member of the Boston Critique Group since the Summer of 2013.

Dena Haden is a Boston-based artist who works in a variety of media. She earned her BFA from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2008. She currently coordinates Boston Critique Group, a Greater Boston-community artist collective, and exhibits her work nationally and internationally.

Emily Manning-Mingle earned her BFA in Painting from Boston University in 2009, continuing on to earn her MFA in Studio Teaching in 2010. She has exhibited in Massachusetts, New York and Italy, and has been the recipient of several awards. She is an art teacher and an active member of the Boston Critique Group.

Will Whelan graduated from the University of Chicago in 2005 with degrees in Art History and Studio Art. He earned his M.Ed in Art from Lesley University in 2010. He has worked as an educator and artist-in-residence in Boston’s South End for non-profit youth programs including the BSAFE Program, Culture for Change and the Boston Center for the Arts.

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