• Alexander Squier, Gallery 263, People of Earth!

People of Earth!

Chris Cavallero, Tim McCool, and Alexander Squier

A Curatorial Proposal Series Exhibition

October 23 – November 22, 2014
Artists’ Reception: Friday, October 24, 7-­9pm

Equipped with a collective interest in outer space, exploration, and science fiction, and having recently undergone grueling theoretical zero­gravity training at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Chris Cavallero, Tim McCool, and Alexander Squier join forces to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. People of Earth! at Gallery 263 brings together three different approaches to art making with a cosmic cohesion.

Cavallero’s delicate graphite drawings document remnants and struggles in the history of space exploration. Abandoned equipment and astronauts float weightlessly, isolated from their usual environments. McCool’s work depicts humans, animals, and objects made from colorfully painted wooden cutouts, that are assembled together on the wall like constellations. The spatial relationships developed between each piece mirror the sometimes awkward ties we form with other people and our belongings.  Squier imagines a futuristic scenario of settlement and development that is interplanetary yet familiar. The uncanny nature of these scenarios is reinforced by hand printed posters, schematics, maps, and other “documents”.

Outer space, much like art, offers endless possibilities and territory to explore. The study of space brings out the best in humanity: encouraging cooperation, fostering innovation and creativity, building a sense of global identity, and reminding us of our relationship to the universe and to each other. Working with a variety of media and messages, Cavallero, McCool and Squier come together to share a sense of excitement about the potential amongst the stars.

In a cold and unforgiving universe, a light shines out in the darkness…. it is… People of Earth!

“People of Earth!” was selected for the Gallery 263 Curatorial Proposal Series, an exhibition program that encourages curatorial experimentation of contemporary art. The 2014 Curatorial Proposal Series is sponsored by the Cambridge Arts Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Cambridge Arts Council                                            Massachusetts Cultural Council

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