Beth Plakidas & Ali Terndrup

A 263 Hybrid Exhibition

Visiting & Making Hours: July 22-25, 3-7pm

Reception & Group Making Session: Friday July 24, 5-7pm

#trans_port focuses on the role of place and movement in the shaping of cultural identities. It seeks to prompt a discussion on the ways in which a city’s infrastructure affects us on a daily basis. At its core, #trans_port features a set-like diorama pieced together from model train sets, toys, paper houses, and found objects collected within Boston’s city limits. Visitor contributions, both physical and virtual, help to complete the installation and define its scope.

Every Bostonian has a daily commute – maybe yours involves several busses and the commuter rail, or perhaps your journey comes in the form of a few steps to your in-home office. What about your real or imagined commute tells us who you are? How has your daily path of movement shaped you? In what ways will this surreal urban installation inspire you to leave your mark? All ages are welcome to participate!

Community members are encouraged to share elements of their daily commute through hands-on interaction or virtual connection. Visitors are invited to bring and add their own object to the installation, collected from or reflective of their commute, or work with Beth Plakidas and Ali Terndrup to create additions on-site.  “Blank canvas” (unfinished) sections of the installation await visitor additions, and a variety of materials are provided including craft paper, cardboard, fabric, and mark-making tools. Additionally, #trans_port includes an online component which encourages Boston locals to contribute original photographs, words, and sounds virtually. Online collaborators can post commute-related media to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag “#trans_port”. All tagged media will be compiled throughout the exhibition at: http://transport-boston.tumblr.com.

We hope that you are moved to engage with this 263 Hybrid experience! Come visit during gallery hours, July 22-25, 3-7pm, to physically make your mark, or upload and hashtag your digital additions by the end of #trans_port; 7pm on July 25. Join us on Friday July 24, 5-7pm, for a reception and open making session on #trans_port.

263 Hybrid Gallery 263, Terndrup & Plakidas, #trans_port