Tip of the Tongue

a national juried exhibition

On View: April 21–May 21, 2022
Gallery Hours: Wednesday–Friday, 4–7 PM; Saturday, 1–4 PM
Reception: Friday, May 6, 2022, 6–8 PM

Gallery 263 is pleased to announce Tip of the Tongue, a national juried exhibition. In Tip of the Tongue, the selected artists utilize language as form and function. This group show is juried by Santiago Cucullu.

In the monotype Marker Drawer Rug, Meg Hollister remakes and reimagines creations from her childhood to digest the imperfect ways we collect, preserve, and pass on memories. The repetition of text and form in Volume 1, an artist book by Alice Dillon, mirrors how days and conversations have echoed one another since 2020. In Farfetched Future, Yolanda He Yang features a chart of audio waves from a friend who read a letter to explore how a symbol can be a multisensory agent in communication.

The featured artists in Tip of the Tongue consider the use of language at the intersection of art and design. A wide range of mediums—such as photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, book arts, type design, installation, collage, textiles, sculpture, and video—are all on view in this exhibition. With themes of nostalgia, culture, immigration, the overlooked, individual and collective identities, linguistics, and more present in Tip of the Tongue, viewers are encouraged to read between the lines with context and consideration.

Featured Artists

Maryam Amirvaghefi, Fern Apfel, Julia Baroni, Yiyun Chen, Alice Dillon, Tielin Ding, Ryan Erickson, James Estrada, Gavin Fahey, Jonah Feintuck, Lauren Flinner, Jonathan Frey, Luis Rafael Galvez, Rachel Hausmann Schall, Connie Henry, Meg Hollister, Ryan Lewis, Yanni Niki Li, Anna Low, Souha M.Y., Nate Massari, Adrienne Elyse Meyers, Steven Muller, Clare Nicholls, Connor Noll, Joe Poon, Stephen Proski, Miriam Shenitzer, Jocelyn Shu, Renetta Sitoy, Eva Sturm-Gross, Christopher Taylor, Sara Theophall, John Tyson, Morrie Warshawski, Kiefer Waterman, Marie Wheeler, Antoinette Winters, James Woodfill, Yolanda He Yang, Mark Younkle, Heidi Caswell Zander

About the Juror

Argentinean-born Santiago Cucullu creates multi-media works, spatially unified installations, wall-sized murals, sculptures, and vibrant paintings on paper. Cucullu emphasizes the subtleties of intuitive pacing and spatial orientation by creating works using a duality of materials and appropriation to indicate that an exhibition space can act to trigger memories and experiences that we may encounter as rarified moments. Reflecting quotidian familiarity, the works act to displace and highlight frictions and narratives that we form to survive. Often his works disrupt ideas of a uniformed reality by displacing representations of culture onto one another; these representations stand in for the artist and ask the viewer to adopt their nuances onto their own experiences.

Since 2014 he has collaborated with Ching Suru Radio Hour on Riverwest Radio WXRW 104.1 with Chuck Quarino and Marc Fench. The radio show is an amalgamation of free form electronic effects that clash and meld noise soundscapes into a turbulence of humanity.

A longtime resident of Milwaukee, he has exhibited at a number of institutions, including the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; MOMA, New York, The Walker Art Center; and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, among others.

Header Image: “Chapter 16” by Jocelyn Shu

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