An online group exhibition

On View Until May 30, 2020

Gallery 263 is pleased to announce Touchy Feely. In this moment of social distance, our safest option is to stay away from others. It’s a necessary precaution, but many are experiencing the feelings of isolation and disconnection that this remoteness can cause. To remind us of the community we have, and will one day see again, Gallery 263 is showcasing the work of Massachusetts-based artists and students. Touchy Feely supports the belief that, even as we are sequestered, a thriving art community still stands strong.

Sale of Work

If you are interested in supporting these artists during this challenging time, please inquire with the artists directly through the contact information associated with each piece.

Gallery 263 does not require a percentage of the sale, but a small donation from the artist is encouraged. As a small nonprofit art space, we depend on our communities’ support to keep our programs running, our staff supported, and our mission-driven impact flourishing.


Select the themes below to view the work within each category.

Gallery 263 advances the artistic endeavors of makers and performers, while fostering public engagement, enrichment, and exchange. Functioning as a creative nexus, Gallery 263 provides a contemporary voice for the arts in Cambridge and our regional communities.

Gallery 263 exhibits are free and open to the public.