We are proud to share that we have shown the work of almost two hundred artists in 2020. As a small nonprofit art space, we are thrilled to make this kind of impact. The artists we worked with persevered in a year of adversity: they made art in improvisational spaces, planned exhibitions over Zoom, became new parents, found new jobs, shipped work or dropped it off following COVID-19 safety protocols, learned about each other’s work through online exhibitions, volunteered to gallery sit, and so much more.

In lieu of a gift guide that only encourages purchasing work this holiday season, we ask you to support the artists listed below in whatever way you can. Follow the artists on social media. Like their posts. Comment why a specific piece speaks to you. Share their art websites with your friends and family. Purchase their work for gifts if you have the means to do so, and support local instead of mass retailers this holiday season. In a time of physical distance, let’s utilize virtual distance to be stronger together.

If you would like to recognize the work we have done as a small nonprofit art space so we can continue to provide opportunities for these artists, we welcome your support as well. Donate now.


Thanks also to our talented Artist Members and Student Members!

Artists, for any change requests please email contact@gallery263.com.