Duygu Aytac, Untitled, 5x7in, 2013

Sanctuary, a National Juried Exhibition

Guest Juror: Maria Molteni

On view: February 15th – March 17th, 2018

Reception: Saturday, February 24th, 7-9PM

Gallery 263 is proud to present our first national juried exhibition of 2018, Sanctuary, Juried by Maria Molteni. Sanctuary is a place, a feeling, where harmony, beauty, and stillness are shielded and allowed to flourish. A sanctuary can lift us up and make us feel big.  Or, it can shrink us down and show us humility in the face of infinity. We find sanctuary in the presence of awesomeness. It appears up in supportive communities and makes itself known when the impossible becomes reality. Join us in fostering a heartfelt and tender space exploring these themes.

Artists include: Garin Horner, Elizabeth King, Alexandria Nazar, Lisa Hesselgrave, Nassar K., Aubrey Theobald, Elly Stormer Vadseth, Amira Paulwan, Kasey Appleman, Crafting Change, Leeanne Maxey, Maggie McEachern, Laura Mongiovi, Andy O’Brien, Brittany Severance, Brenda van der Beek, Katherine Wildman, Delanie Wise, Yang Wu, Jessica Whittington, Wen Yu, Scott Dow, Richard Metzgar, Andrea Ferrigno, Susan Palmisano, Max Adrian, Malia Chan, Emily Manning-Mingle, Nicole Vene, Hayoung Lee, Lauryn Welch, Lennon Wolcott, Daniel Zeese, Casey Dressell, Mills Brown, Alexander C. Kalil, Jaden Dedman, Duygu Aytac, Hogan Seidel, Krystle Brown, Nick Carter, Anthony Clune, Tony Schwensen, Joe Poon, Lauren Powell.

About the Juror: Maria Molteni is a Nashville-to-Boston-based multimedia & performing artist, educator & organizer. Having studied Painting and Printmaking at Boston University, her practice sprung from formalist roots, and has grown to incorporate research, social engagement, and transdisciplinary experimentation. She playfully asks audiences to imagine her serving Black Mountain College as their PE coach… From fiber to found-object sculpture, textile to movement, performance to publication, she employs processes per their ability to manifest elaborate conceptual orchestration and formal satisfaction. Exploring iterations of sport, craft, feminism, spiritualism, animism, utopia, glossolalia and urban planning, she takes interest in standardized shapes and systems that influence our experience of spirituality through everyday functionality. Embellishing psychic energy in her environments, she seeks to expose unseen presences or predicaments, both cosmic and practical. Whether trapping such forces in wind-powered inflatables or posing a basketball net as a hoop’s phantom limb, she enjoys problem solving via traditional methods of craft- the tactile and tactical. Her works introduce original or absurdist processes as applied aesthetic solutions. In 2010 She launched the international collective New Craft Artists in Action. She co-founded the participatory project Festooning the Inflatable Beehive after working with beekeepers from across the country, including Treatment Free Apiculturalists Golden Rule.

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