Meet One of the Small Works Project Artists:

Tamar Etingen

Tamar Etingen is one of thirteen artists selected as a Gallery 263 Small Works Project artist. This project presents artwork in flat files at the gallery and on our website for the duration of one year. All artists are based in Massachusetts. Visit Etingen’ Small Works Project page>>

Can you tell us about your art practice?

I work with a constantly changing assortment of mediums, which I combine and recombine as I pursue my vision. I am currently working as a printmaker, using gelatin plate print techniques. My work ranges from the abstract to the representational and has often been satirical and socially critical. I have used sculpture, installations, painting, drawing, digital and photographic images, performance and printmaking to express my ideas.

Most recently, I have been obsessed with the luminous color and abstract layered imagery which I have developed using gelatin plate printmaking. I have been fascinated with this process and its ability to create images using found objects and plant materials with incredible detail and accuracy, thereby creating a tension between manufactured and organic forms. This tension has been a major element in my work for years.

I have a great love of improvisation regarding techniques, processes and tools. After working as a production jeweler, I translated my knowledge of metal into sculpture and architectural metalwork. My experience as a theatrical set painter led quite naturally to installations that combine painting, drawing and sculpture. I also have participated in performance/ installation art.

Making monoprints however, has provided me with a freedom of improvisation on the level of stream of consciousness writing or jazz. It is such an exciting time to be involved in printmaking! Developments in technology and industry, in the hands of artists have created innovative processes and an open, freewheeling atmosphere where whatever works is good and is often accessible, low tech and non-toxic as well.

What is currently in your Small Works Project drawer?

I have cards available for sale that are one-of-a-kind, signed monotypes. Each card is $10.

Where do you make your work?

My studio is in the same building (on the other side of the back wall) as Gallery 263.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

View more of my work on my website>>