Keep our community art spaces thriving

Community arts spaces like Gallery 263 are vital to Cambridge and other communities as they offer a place where residents, artists, and visitors to come together to share, respond to, and celebrate artistic ideas.

Will you make a gift today to ensure that the Gallery can continue to support emerging artists and curators?

Gallery 263 is unique in the variety and scale of programming it offers. Through artist-led workshops, multisensory events, exhibitions, and mini festivals, artists and audiences have the opportunity to truly be a part of a community and celebrate what makes that experience special and unique. With its Exhibition Proposal Series, Gallery 263 becomes a laboratory where artists can cultivate ideas and audiences and explore new approaches to creating and exhibiting artwork with the broader community.

Community art spaces thrive on inclusion and provide a democratic approach that allows for broad public access not as readily available in organizations that have institutional barriers related to access and cost. With world class museums and exhibition programs scattered across the city, there are frequent and exciting opportunities for audiences in Cambridge to experience high-quality artwork from the old masters to present day artists working at the peak of their careers. From its perch in the heart of Cambridgeport, Gallery 263 flips the audience experience, providing a more immersive experience of artwork and, especially, artmaking by local artists!

Supporting the Gallery today will allow it to keep shining brightly for many years to come. 


Jason Weeks
Executive Director
Cambridge Arts Council