“There used to be more spaces like this in Cambridge—now, you’re the only one left.”

A longtime Cambridge resident told me this just the other day. And it rang true more than ever.

Due to quickly increasing rent and constant demands for space, galleries and non-profits in Cambridge and beyond are increasingly being forced to make the toughest decision of their history: can we afford to support the next generation of artists?

Given these realities, I can’t help but be proud that Gallery 263 has endured and thrived for 10 years–and with your help, our mission can continue.

Your gift today will ensure that Gallery 263 will provide enriching programming and captivating art for years to come!

As both an artist and a lifetime Cambridgeportian (that’s a word, right?), I am so proud that we’ve continued to sustain such a vibrant, creative organization as the neighborhood continues to grow and change. It’s a unique space in more ways than one, from our location in a bustling residential area, to our quirky mix of programming that welcomes artists, families, yogis, and stand-up comics alike. I hope you’ll join us as we look forward to our next 10 years on Pearl Street. With your support, we can reach more artists, greet more new faces, and continue our mission to enrich the cultural landscape of our community.

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